WHO updates H1N1 recommendations; Rhode Island tracks H1N1 using e-prescribing data;

> The World Health Organization has updated its H1N1 recommendations, suggesting that pregnant women, children 10 or older and other adults get single doses of the H1N1 vaccine. Article

> More on the H1N1 front: The state of Rhode Island says that it's the first in the U.S. to track such outbreaks using e-prescribing data. FierceEMR

> U.S. researchers have introduced a new smartphone, based on an interactive gaming system, whose design is intended to help elderly Chinese patients manage their diabetes. Article

> Is your facility still struggling with how to get involved with social media, or fighting the trend entirely? Hospital Impact contributor Nancy Cawley Jean shares a few tips on how to relieve the fears of execs who aren't comfortable with the new medium. Blog

And Finally... This is a meatball you (and a busload of friends) can really sink your teeth into. Article