What Celebration Health can teach leaders about design and community health

For a glimpse of what hospitals may look like in the future, just look at Florida Hospital Celebration Health in Kissimmee, Florida and its inspiration: Walt Disney World.

Hospitals will thrive in the future by following similar design strategies that make them the central hubs of their communities, according to Business Insider.

Already, hospitals are "transitioning from a place for sickness to a place where you can learn about health," Charles Griffin, president of the American Institute of Architects' Academy of Architecture for Health, told Business Insider.

This philosophy goes hand in hand with healthcare's post-Affordable Care Act focus on preventive care, as well as emphasis on design features like private rooms, more windows, noise control and natural light, which research suggests reduce lengths of stay and improve patient outcomes.

Griffin pointed to Florida Hospital Celebration Health as a good example of what a future hospital may look like. The resort-style hospital features other health-related amenities, including a pool and nutrition classes. Celebration Health took conscious inspiration from nearby Walt Disney World, which has also made numerous innovations hospitals can learn from, such as personalized profiles, collaboration with guests and the ability to plan online in advance.

Although some industry experts dispute the cost-effectiveness of such features, and note that such services are limited to those who can afford them, the article states there is a boom in hospital construction and a look at the "almost surreal world of Celebration Health might provide a glimpse of the future--or at least the possibility--of tomorrow's hospitals."

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