Web Conferencing & Online Meeting Accessible to Everybody

This week sees the launch of MiceMeeting.com, a free online tool that enables interactive web conferencing and online meetings, based on synchronised multi-pointer technology.

MIAMI, July 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A new website has been created using file-sharing technology that was originally developed to facilitate doctor to doctor collaboration in Health Industry. Based on synchronised multi-pointer technology, on MiceMeeting.com, it is possible to hold online meetings, interact and collaborate on any shared document in real time. Users can upload files, invite colleagues and connect. During the MiceMeeting sessions, each user has his or her own coloured mouse on the screen and everything they do on the screen can be seen by all the other connected users in real time.

It is possible to specify areas of a shared document that all connected users can view simultaneously, providing a flexible and instantaneous frame of reference. All connected users can see the same thing, talk about the same thing and collaborate on any shared document in real time.

"When we developed the multi-pointer viewing technology originally intended for doctors, we soon realised that the technology could be directly applicable to other sectors. Existing file-sharing tools were simply not interactive enough. Our main objective was to create a website which not only allows people to share documents, but also to collaborate and view them together – without having to be together. We wanted to develop a website that makes web conferencing and online meetings accessible to everyone, with three main objectives when developing the site. The website should be free. Secondly, it should be easy to use with no registration or downloading required - as it's 100% on-line. Finally, we wanted to make MiceMeeting a truly interactive website, which shows the mouse activity of all the connected users, so you can be sure to be talking about the same thing at the same time," Said Mr. Xavier Guillem, Chief IT Developer at MiceMeeting.

Like any online tool, the programme's applications vary according to the user's needs. So far, feedback has shown that MiceMeeting has been particularly useful for coordinating work processes, project monitoring, real estate or anyone who needs to share and collaborate on any document.

For more information please visit http://www.micemeeting.com
Or contact Annie McGinnis at contact(at)micemeeting(dot)com or 34 93 285 6513

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