Viveda Cardio Assesssment is the Newest Tool in the Battle to Prevent Heart Disease

 February 4, 2009 (Bloomington, Indiana) - A new personal health assessment could prove to be the difference between good health and heart disease for many people. TheViveda Cardio Assessment, recently released by Predictive Physiology and Medicine (PPM), provides the most comprehensive picture of heart health available today.  Even more critical, the assessment indicates if certain health behaviors are moving an individual towards heart disease and provides tips to help prevent it from happening.

Digging deeper than the current cardiovascular tests, the Viveda Cardio Assessment has the predictive power to detect potential problems early. Equipped with this knowledge patients and physicians can make effective decisions for improving health and preventing heart disease - the No. 1 killer of women in America.

The Viveda Cardio Assessment is one of seven new assessments recently released by PPM. Developed to be consumer friendly, Viveda Assessments are the embodiment of the push towards personalized and preventive health care. Unlike any other health test, lab report or evaluation seen before, Viveda is colorful, easy to understand, and informative. The preventive tips, articles, and wellness resources provided in each assessment are customized to the individual's results.

Another benefit of Viveda Assessments is convenient online access to results. Physicians can order, manage, and view assessment through the web-based system. Patients have complete control over their results and 24/7 access for viewing, printing or transferring the information to their own personal health record. 

The Viveda Cardio Assessment enables individuals to understand their cardiovascular health and empowers them to take action to prevent heart disease. Janet Barrows, a small business owner, just recently completed her Viveda Cardio Assessment. "In the past, I've been given some confusing information about my cholesterol levels. Viveda helped me clearly understand the situation and provided the data my physician and I needed to make informed decisions about next steps." Barrows went on to say, "Viveda gives me the ability to manage my own health."

About Cardiovascular Health and Heart Disease

  • 80 million American adults suffer from cardiovascular disease. (American Heart Association)
  • 27 million heart attacks would be prevented if Americans followed the heart healthy steps outlined by the American Heart Association. (Circulation, July 2008)
  • Friday, February 6th, 2009 is Go Red for Women Day. The movement's goal is a 25% reduction in coronary heart disease and stroke by 2010 - heart disease is the No.1 killer of women in America.

 About Viveda

Viveda is a suite of seven health assessments available to consumers through a physician.  Consumers can either visit a Viveda MD or request the assessment from their own physician. Once the physician orders the blood test required for the Viveda Health Assessment, analysis and online results are completed in about a week.  The antithesis of current health tests, physicals, and evaluations, Viveda is colorful, easy to use, and employs language the layman can understand. It gives individuals control of their own personal health data through secure, online access (24/7) to results and information specific to their situation. Equipped with this information, individuals can talk with their physician about the specific health behaviors needed to improve and protect long term health and wellness.  To get more information or find a Viveda MD, visit .