Vermont docs received more secret payments; NHS widens access, relaxes drug fees;

> Barack Obama will be the next person to lead our nation--backed by a Democratic majority in the House and Senate--and already industry experts are wondering what the change will mean for big pharma and for the biotech industry. FiercePharma
> Finding health insurance after a job loss can be a long, tedious and expensive process. Article
> A March 2007 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association told the story of pharma companies paying physicians in Vermont over $2.7 million in the period between July 2002 and June 2004, but the advocacy group that reported the original findings now says the amount is actually much higher. FiercePharma
> The UK's National Health Service will now allow patients to receive NHS care even if they privately pay for drugs, and will implement measures to increase access to NHS-covered treatments. FiercePharma

And Finally... Nothing was going to stop this woman from voting. Article