Verilogue Announces Launch of, New Online and Mobile Health Applications to Enhance Communication Between Patients

Service builds on key learnings from the company's core business of patient-physician communication

HORSHAM, Pa., May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Verilogue, a company dedicated to improving healthcare communications, today announced the launch of, a unique service designed to enhance communication between patients, caregivers and healthcare providers and improve healthcare outcomes by measuring and supporting shared decision-making.

While the need to optimize patient-physician communication is widely recognized, the lines of communication often break down or are never adequately established. Studies have found that when patients understand the information being communicated by their healthcare provider, there are significant increases in patient satisfaction, compliance and outcomes and significant decreases in anxiety, treatment time and cost.

"There is a significant need for products that address the inherent challenges in patient-physician interactions," said Kent Bottles, M.D., senior fellow at Thomas Jefferson University's Jefferson School of Population Health. "There are a myriad of reasons why communication is complicated in these settings – doctor visits can be very stressful, making it challenging to retain the details from the interaction; the information shared by a healthcare provider can be very complicated, making it difficult for patients to remember specifics; and often physicians and patients are approaching their interaction from such different perspectives that it's difficult for them to find a common ground. has the potential to make a real difference by empowering consumers through the entire patient experience."

Leveraging Verilogue's communication expertise, provides consumers with a suite of online and mobile dialogue coaching tools aimed at improving patient confidence, shared decision-making and care coordination. At consumers have the opportunity to listen and learn from real exam room conversations shared by patients like them; prepare for and actively participate in upcoming doctor visits; record doctor visits using digital or mobile recording devices; and share visit recordings and transcripts with selected individuals (such as caregivers and family members) through a secure website.

" is an important step in the evolution of Verilogue's product offerings," said Jeff Kozloff, chief executive officer of Verilogue. "Over the past several years, we have amassed an enormous body of data and built a unique expertise of nuanced understanding of patient-physician interactions. We are very excited to leverage this knowledge base with, a revolutionary initiative with the potential to empower consumers and improve their healthcare experiences."

About Verilogue

Verilogue is the first health care communications company to capture a global database of patient-physician interactions and deliver insights through advanced linguistic analyses. The company's Point-of-Practice™ database and technology system digitally records real-time conversations between patients and physicians allowing Verilogue to capture critical information at the point of care, while maintaining patient and physician confidentiality. Conversations are analyzed by Verilogue's team of linguists, statisticians and marketing experts, who are able to draw out unique insights enabling the end user to gain a deeper understanding of patient and physician perspectives. More than 40 pharmaceutical companies have partnered with Verilogue to gain actionable insights from its database containing more than 60,000 unique patient-physician conversations and corresponding patient charts across more than 70 therapeutic categories. In 2011 the company leveraged this expertise by launching, an important tool that aims to improve dialogue between patients, caregivers and their physicians.

Founded in 2006, Verilogue is a privately held company headquartered in Horsham, PA. For more information, please visit

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