Using the Best Practice Database to Solve Today's HR Challenges

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's increasingly complex world, the challenges for HR professionals are increasing right along side them. HR professionals must make the right hiring decisions, continue to engage employees and have the proper support and growth programs in place to attract and retain talent to drive business growth.

HR Executives from many Fortune 500 companies have found that the Best Practice Database is one of the most useful resources available to inform their thinking.

To view a list of just some of the database documents pertaining to HR issues available in the Best Practice Database, click the following link or paste into your browser: . Complimentary excerpts are available for several of these documents and can be reached by clicking on the titles of the documents. These documents originated as studies conducted for our Fortune 500 clients.

These documents can be purchased individually, but most clients find that a membership in the Best Practice Database is the most valuable and cost effective way to inform their thinking and help their company to succeed. Membership in the Best Practice Database entitles the member to free access to our entire database containing more than $35 million in proprietary research conducted on behalf of executives from Fortune 500 companies.

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