US government helps develop Ebola drug; State medical schools beat the Ivy League in list of Top 25

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> The U.S. government plans to help North Carolina-based BioCryst Pharmaceuticals develop a new Ebola drug, one of five currently being tested against the virus. BCX4430, BioCryst's drug, is a small molecule that prevents the virus from reproducing in the body, according to NBC News. Article

> The University of Washington was ranked the top medical school by a panel of doctors from diverse backgrounds and specialties, followed by other big publicly-funded state schools that beat out out the Ivy League, Business Insider reported. Article

H&HN Daily examines why hospitals and health systems must consider vertical integration partnerships, which bring together the supply and demand side of the medical marketplace. Article

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> Healthcare organizations must address consumers' concerns about individual control and privacy of their information to make health information exchanges and distributed research networks work. Article

> Data from Internet searches could help predict trends in non-communicable diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Article

And Finally… Million dollar winners--again. Article