UnitedHealth ranks least trustworthy among hospitals

As hospitals accumulate more financial risk, they need to trust their insurers. However, hospital executives have little faith in health insurance companies, according to a 2014 ReviveHealth National Payer Survey. The survey used a series of questions designed by Catalyst Healthcare Research, known as the Payer Trust Index, to see whether hospitals got along with their insurers. Low level of trust stems from many factors--the length of time it takes to get paid, narrow networks, and changing provider contracts and tiering, the study found. On a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the lowest, and 100 being the highest, the average score for all payers was 53.2. For the question, "this organization balances its interests with ours and doesn't routinely take advantage of us," UnitedHealthcare came in dead last, scoring 36.4--and a 40.7 overall score, the lowest of any insurer. Read the full story at FierceHealthPayer