Ulrich Medical Concepts and ICA Align to Encourage EHR Adoption and Data Sharing Network to Meet Meaningful Use Requiremen

NASHVILLE, Tenn. & PADUCAH, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Informatics Corporation of America (ICA; www.icainformatics.com) and Ulrich Medical Concepts (UMC;www.ulrichmedicalconcepts.com) today announced the roll-out of a program to encourage the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and the exchange of health care data in Paducah, Kentucky. This collaboration will enable physicians within the Paducah area to actively participate in the creation and exchange of health care data through the implementation and adoption of a fully functional EHR that is integrated into a clinical care solution, increasing coordination of care for all area patients.

“UMC has a substantial presence within this service area with a robust set of functionality within its EHR,” says Gary Zegiestowsky, CEO of ICA, provider of HIE solutions to hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), communities and states. “The ultimate goal of this clinical care solution is to enable additional physicians to share health data in a secure environment, facilitating fluid transition of care, promoting more effective management of chronic diseases, making the referral process more efficient, and supporting collaboration on complicated cases while protecting the privacy of individual patient data."

UMC’s ability to replace paper charts with an innovative EHR system creates workplace efficiencies, improved workflow, maximized revenue and reduced overall costs associated with health care delivery. By aligning with ICA’s ability to deliver a cost-effective, proven solution that leverages complete data across clinical settings to aid decision-making and improve patient outcomes, UMC sets the stage for achieving meaningful use.

Burton Ulrich, CEO of UMC, provider of the Team Chart Concept, a completely integrated practice management and EHR used in 10 states and 22 specialties, states, "This program will allow existing UMC clients to fully participate through a free, bi-directional interface to exchange clinical information across the community for better coordination of care. By extending the program to new UMC customers, physicians within the community that do not have an EHR will also be encouraged to embrace technology and align with the federal ARRA-based HITECH initiatives. The free CCD-based interoperability offer will be offered throughout 2010 to promote early adoption and enable physicians to qualify for ARRA funding."

The CareAlign™ Engine serves as the foundational piece of the clinical care solution, facilitating the flexibility to meet changing market demands. The integration layer is able to receive standardized data (HL7, CCD, CCR, XML and others), as well as non-standard data. Discrete data is stored as individual data elements and unstructured data is tagged with identifying indicators and stored for appropriate display, query, and reporting. Information from various participants is securely housed in individual data vaults with patient matching capabilities to display the information across settings.

“Working together with ICA, local physicians can make this clinical care solution more successful and help fulfill the UMC mission,” adds Ulrich. “Our families live and work in the Paducah area, making this an extremely important project for our company as well as every local resident. We are proud to assist in the development of a successful program that eliminates waste, meets federal mandates and improves the quality of care. It is truly an honor to partake in this collaboration and play a role in a leading national initiative.”

About Informatics Corporation of America (ICA)

Informatics Corporation of America (ICA) was established to take innovative technology developed by Vanderbilt Medical Center to the broader health care market, and now delivers a comprehensive HIE solution to hospitals, IDNs, communities and states. Unmatched in its ability to yield cost efficiency, improved patient care, and better outcomes, ICA’s CareAlign™ solution captures complete data to enhance the decision-making process. The CareAlign™ clinical intelligence engine empowers HIEs to leverage existing core systems and construct a longitudinal patient record. CareAlign™ also features provider/patient portals, secure clinical communication, NHIN compliant interoperability, EHR-lite and population management tools. Visit www.icainformatics.com; follow us on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ icainformatics; and Facebook: www.facebook.com -- Keyword: Informatics Corporation of America.

About Ulrich Medical Concepts

In 1999, Dr. Dennis Ulrich and his associates formed Ulrich Medical Concepts (UMC), a medical software development company. The developers at UMC believed the limitations of common medical information systems could be overcome with a comprehensive, flexible, and integrated practice management/ electronic medical record system. To create this system, physicians, practice managers, medical assistants, and insurance specialists worked together with computer programmers and hardware technicians to address the needs of each department. Their collaboration resulted in the Team Chart Concept (TCC), a fully integrated system that allows information to flow from where it is created to where it is needed – immediately. TCC is currently installed in 10 states and 22 specialties. Visit us at www.ulrichmedicalconcepts.com.


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