UHG, Cisco launch telemedicine network; International team targets fake pharmaceuticals;

> UnitedHealth Group and Cisco have launched what they say is the nation's first national telemedicine network, though the launch is mostly in the pilot stage as of yet. FierceHealthIT

> A transnational team of researchers and government officials have come together with international police agency Interpol to find fake pharmaceuticals and yank them off the market. FiercePharma

> Cell phones are poised to revolutionize mobile health monitoring, since they offer two invaluable functions: personal access to medical records and the ability to become a distributed sensor network, experts say. FierceMobileHealthcare

> How do you get real value out of an electronic medical records investment? Some keys include making sure your whole organization is committed to the project, and that clinicians have key leadership roles in planning and implementing the system, hospital executives say. FierceEMR

And Finally... When they say "I do," you  may not be sure who's who. Article