UHC Value Analysis Program Available at No Additional Cost to Current Supply Chain Participants

CHICAGO, April 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- UHC announced that a premier offering, the Value Analysis Program (VAP), is now available to UHC Supply Chain participants at no additional cost.

VAP helps academic medical centers identify and implement long-term, sustainable strategies for reducing nonlabor costs and improving supply chain efficiency. VAP emphasizes evidence-based decision making that, in addition to achieving cost savings, improves clinical practices and supports high-quality patient care.

"We are pleased to offer this proven program as a value-added benefit to UHC Supply Chain participants," said Cindy Abel, senior director of UHC's Value Analysis Program. "VAP will help our members proactively adopt practices that support disciplined supply chain and financial management and promote performance efficiency."

VAP participants' return on investment aver­ages more than 10 to 1 when value analysis best practices are implemented. Since the program's inception in 1997, participants have documented more than $500 million in cumulative savings.

UHC works with participating organizations to design a customized value analysis program that fits their specific needs, incorporating initiatives for optimizing the standardization and utilization of products and technology while improving related processes.

UHC provides member value analysis directors with education, mentoring and coaching, tools and templates, and networking opportunities to gain insights from their peers. Some VAP resources include the Value Analysis Initiative Database, annual value analysis performance scores, educational Web conferences and handbooks, templates for cost-benefit analysis and initiative tracking, and telephone and on-site support.

Current UHC Supply Chain participants can learn more about the program and enrollment by contacting Cindy Abel at (312) 775-4101 or [email protected].

About UHC
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