U.S. Healthcare Debate And Options Grow

Alan Smith announces a new book about complementary and alternative healthcare therapies in the United States. "UnBreak Your Health" will be launched in October to coincide with Health Literacy Month and examines the increasing popularity of CAM.

Plano, TX (PRWEB) September 24, 2007 -- In response to the growing healthcare debate Alan Smith has announced a new book, "UnBreak Your Health," which examines the increasing popularity of complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments. The book also looks at the serious and growing concerns regarding the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

"More than 62 percent of adults in the United States have used some type of CAM therapy in their lifetime," says Smith. "But since most insurance programs exclude coverage of CAM therapies, and thanks to the daily bombardment of TV advertising, Americans turn to prescription drugs. Despite America spending more money on healthcare than any other nation we've fallen to #40 in the world for longevity according to the latest research."

"UnBreak Your Health" brings the full range of alternative and complementary therapies to the public's attention. The book acts as an introductory guide to different types of alternative medical concepts, different processes and techniques and a variety of healing devices. Loving Healing Press will launch the book on October 4.

"Only 20 years ago the federal courts had to order the AMA to stop restricting the business of chiropractors," said Smith. "Today, people don't realize the fight to suppress complementary and alternative therapies continues and is, in fact, escalating."

Smith admits this is the book he wishes had been available a few years ago after his disappointing trip to the Mayo Clinic. After discovering many of these therapies today his health has improved dramatically. "UnBreak Your Health" offers a broad overview of the health options available with an easy-to-read style.

For more information on "UnBreak Your Health -- The Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Therapies" please visit www.unbreakyourhealth.com or contact:

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