Tufts Medical Center sued for faxing patient records without consent

Tufts Medical Center in Boston faces a lawsuit after a patient said the hospital faxed her medical records to her workplace without her consent, causing her embarrassment, reports The Boston Globe yesterday.

"I feel like I might have walked in (the office) naked," said patient Kimberly White.

White requested Tufts to send a form for a disability claim, but instead the hospital allegedly sent four pages of medical records about her hysterectomy to a shared fax machine at her workplace.

White filed a complaint in Plymouth County Superior Court. The hospital denies any wrongdoing, according to the article.

Tufts spokeswoman Julie Jette said, "In this matter, we complied with a patient's request to share information. We firmly believe we responded to the patient's request appropriately."

"I can't go back there," White said. "I am so embarrassed. ... I couldn't live with knowing what these people knew about me."

Earlier this year, another Boston hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, faced accusations that an employee lost records of 192 patients on the subway. The hospital in February settled the federal case for $1 million, according to the article.

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