Tufts Medical Center Reports Carestream’s Web-Based Image Viewer Equips Physicians with Better, Faster Access to Patient Information

Physicians Can View Current, Prior X-ray Images via the Web; Quickly Retrieve Images Based on Patient Name

Tufts Medical Center Reports Carestream’s Web-Based Image Viewer Equips Physicians with Better, Faster Access to Patient Information

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Physicians at Tufts Medical Center (Boston, Mass.) are enthusiastic about gaining instant access to patient imaging studies via the Web on devices such as the iPad using the viewer. The universal imaging viewer delivers both time savings and convenience to radiologists on call, clinicians doing hospital rounds or physicians who are conducting follow up patient visits at their offices.

“As a zero-footprint Web-based viewer, Vue Motion allows physicians to review images quickly and easily on Web-enabled devices like the iPad. It also delivers side-by-side comparisons of current and prior images. It’s an incredible tool for onsite and offsite physicians who are trying to deliver responsive care for their patients,” said Michael Foley, Director of Radiology, Tufts Medical Center.

The ability to pull up images while making hospital rounds is also appreciated. “Physicians used to sit at a workstation and open the PACS and EMR applications to view X-ray images prior to seeing patients. Being able to view images on an iPad while clinicians are with patients—and then show these images to patients as they are discussing the next steps in their treatment—is a much better care delivery model for both patients and physicians,” Foley adds.

One of the things that impressed radiologists was the ability for Vue Motion to pull a patient’s record based on a single field, such as the name. “You don’t need to know the record number. If you input the name, it conducts a global search, pulls files and you can easily find the correct patient,” said Tom Quaranta, PACS Administrator, Department of Radiology, Tufts Medical Center.

“This viewer is also much faster than when I am accessing files through the VPN. An entire CT exam—all 2,000 images—comes up instantly. It just doesn’t get any better than that for a radiologist,” reports Dr. Samson Munn, Vice Chair for Core Operations, Department of Radiology, Tufts Medical Center.

Tufts Medical Center has integrated Vue Motion with its EMR and Foley explains that the image viewer is an incredible asset from an IT perspective as well. “It allows users to access information and avoids the need to support workstations and other platforms that require software maintenance and upgrades. Using a zero-footprint viewer also reduces overhead on the hospital’s network. Usually tools that improve physician access or help enhance patient care require additional IT support but this tool requires less IT support and infrastructure,” said Foley.

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