Tufts Health Plan Expands Partnership with Benefitfocus

New England Insurer Implements Benefitfocus Billing Technology Across All Commercial Markets

CHARLESTON, S.C., April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Benefitfocus and Tufts Health Plan today announced that Tufts Health Plan has expanded its use of the BENEFITFOCUS® Platform, offering online billing to its large group, small group and individual customers. Based in Watertown, Mass., Tufts Health Plan serves nearly 750,000 members in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and is nationally recognized for its commitment to providing innovative, high-quality healthcare coverage. Benefitfocus has provided Tufts Health Plan with online enrollment technology for its small and large group markets since 2007.

With this expanded agreement, Tufts Health Plan's fully insured groups use the Benefitfocus Platform to view, pay and adjust bills online. Self-funded Administrative Services Only (ASO) groups manage administrative fees on the Platform. By providing Benefitfocus technology for both enrollment and billing, Tufts Health Plan offers its customers a consistent, user-friendly interface across all business processes, from Open Enrollment and HR reporting, to invoice payment and reconciliation. The Benefitfocus Platform's Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP) technology allows Tufts Health Plan to:

  • Provide an online portal for customers to view and pay bills
  • Offer a variety of payment options, including recurring AutoPay
  • View and approve invoice adjustment requests
  • Offer list billing to fully insured and ASO groups and accept binder payments for individual customers  
  • Track payment status online

"Our customers have always responded very well to Benefitfocus enrollment tools," explained Janis Tisor, Director of Enrollment and Premium Billing for Tufts Health Plan. "HR Administrators and employees log in to the Benefitfocus Platform and immediately see how simple it is to use. We wanted to provide that same, consistent level of usability and service to our billing process. Expanding our relationship with Benefitfocus was an obvious choice."

The Benefitfocus Platform also allows Tufts Health Plan to integrate enrollment and billing data. Tufts Health Plan's customers can adjust bills online, in real time to reflect their most recent enrollment data, including off-cycle membership changes. For example, if an HR Administrator removes an employee from the enrollment system, the Platform can synchronize that change with the group's bill, preventing a manual reconciliation process. With Benefitfocus technology, both Tufts Health Plan and its customers know that bills reflect the latest membership information.

"When a client like Tufts Health Plan chooses to expand its relationship with us, it is very rewarding," said Andy Howell, Chief Operating Officer for Benefitfocus. "We have established a strong relationship with Tufts Health Plan over the past four years and will continue to provide customer service and market adoption support as Tufts Health Plan rolls out our billing technology to its customers. Benefitfocus is proud to partner with Tufts Health Plan to provide outstanding healthcare, service and value."

About Tufts Health Plan

Tufts Health Plan is a nonprofit health plan nationally recognized for its commitment to providing innovative, high-quality health care coverage: Its HMO and POS are ranked second in the nation, and its Medicare Advantage program is ranked among the top 10 the nation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. For more information, visit www.tuftshealthplan.com.  

About Benefitfocus

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