Trustees Gain Edge on Managing Medicare Set Aside Trusts

Rising Financial Solutions' Technology Makes Medicare Compliance Easier

CHICAGO, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A Trustee's once laborious chore changes into a simple reality through a technology advancement in the area of Medicare Set Asides. Rising Financial Solutions (Rising) has just launched a new feature in its Medicare Set Aside (MSA) web portal that lets Trustees administer MSA-related transactions on behalf of their clients.


Now, a Trustee who manages Medicare Set Aside Trusts and Special Needs Trusts can experience the same speed and ease Rising's user-patients have been experiencing with the company's self-service MSA portal. This web portal makes MSA administration as easy as using a checkbook. It records, manages and tracks every detail of a patient's medical bill and payment history through the life of an MSA fund. It also has repricing tools that reduce medical bills to the appropriate state rates, per Medicare guidelines.

"Just like any Professional Administrator or any patient who is self-administering, it's crucial that Trustees manage MSA funds properly to ensure their clients stay in compliance with Medicare's requirements," says Ryan Gildersleeve, Rising Director of Product Solutions.  "So we've enhanced our online tools to include everything a Trustee needs, like simple annual reporting and the ability to manage multiple client accounts with one login."

Rising's MSA web portal and guidance in the Administration process generates a number of Trustee benefits:

  • Maximized MSA funds gained from Rising's savings and medical cost containment expertise
  • Greater efficiencies with easy-to-use online tools
  • Rapid annual reports generated in a few quick clicks makes yearly accounting summaries hassle-free
  • Better clarity by seeing multiple accounts at the same time
  • Complete compliance through Rising's up-to-date knowledge of Medicare guidelines and changes
  • Less risk of litigation by upholding Medicare's requirements for funds usage and reporting

Rising CEO, Jason Beans, credits his technology team for advancing the company's MSA portal one step further. "Our new functionality brings the needed support for straightforward MSA Administration to a new audience," says Beans. "Trustees can now meet Medicare's standards easily and quickly."

For the Trustee, for the patient and for Medicare, technology enhancements like Rising's MSA web portal bring us closer to achieving the ultimate healthcare objective: a better, more efficient and cost effective system.

About Rising Financial Solutions LLC

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Rising Medical Solutions, Rising Financial Solutions is a leading financial management organization that offers Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Trust Account Administration services – both professional administration and self-administration support – as well as other Medicare compliance services to the workers' compensation, auto and liability markets. The company serves clients nationwide, including: payers, attorneys, structured settlement brokers, financial institutions and patients. 

About Rising Medical Solutions Inc.

Rising Medical Solutions is a national medical-financial solutions firm that provides medical bill review, hospital bill review  and medical cost containment services to the group health, auto, workers' compensation, and liability markets.  Inc. magazine and the Private Company Index (PCI) rank the Chicago-based company as one of the fastest growing private enterprises in America.

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