True North featured in new book, 'The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair' for an innovative governance model

FALMOUTH, ME-August 19, 2010-True North, a multi-discipline nonprofit health care center and research organization located in Falmouth ME, is honored to be featured in the new book The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair by Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea, released this spring. 

The book describes how "circle process" - a methodology of rotating leadership, shared responsibility and reliance on a group's highest intention - is used and can be used in different organizational settings. The Circle Process methodology was developed by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, co-founders of PeerSpirit, an educational company. 

At True North, circle process is a model of governance based on a combination of the ideas presented by Christina Baldwin in her book, Calling The Circle, the teachings of Paula Underwood, and guidelines on Relationship Centered Care by the Fetzer Institute. In The Circle Way, True North is featured in Part IV: Circle as Paradigm Shift; Chapter 11: Organizational Experiments in Circle Governance, which discusses True North's integration of Complexity Science Principles, Collaborative Leadership, Continuous Process Improvement, and a Heart Centered Approach to create a thriving organization focused on improving the health of individuals and communities.

"I've worked in hierarchical organizations for most of my career," says Tom Dahlborg, True North's executive director, "where decisions are top-down and based on what's already known; where individuals provide input based solely on their role and responsibility (no stepping outside); where process and outcomes are based on historical expectations and where patterns are the strict definers of success. Then I joined an organization in 2005 where the collaborative leadership "Circle Process" was the heart and soul of its culture. The prevailing culture emphasizes heart-centeredness, authenticity, trust, honesty, shared leadership, and speaking and listening from the heart and leads to incredible innovations and amazing outcomes."

By practicing collaborative leadership and shared responsibility in day to day operations and decision-making, True North staff and practitioners demonstrate reverent relationship that is also at the heart of the therapeutic encounter. From case presentations to staff meetings to educational programs, circle process empowers each patient, staff member and practitioner to become an active - and equally valued - participant in the healing process and positions patients for true healing. 

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