Trend: Residency programs not keeping pace

While enrollment is climbing rapidly at U.S. medical schools, it's beginning to look like the country's residency programs aren't yet ready to absorb the influx. The nation's 126 medical schools have been taking on more students in response to a call from the Association of American Medical Colleges, which has asked the schools to increase class size almost one-third by 2015. Enrollment across the schools is already up 8 percent since 2002. However, it's proving difficult to step up the growth in the number of residency positions available to these students, since most programs rely largely on Medicare-related funding, which has not grown in recent years.

To address the residency capacity issue, some states are shelling out cash. Texas, for example, contributed $63 million for residency programs this year, more than twice the $25 million it appropriated last year. States are also seeking nongovernmental funding to expand residency programs.

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