Trend: Physician recruiting affected by real estate market

This may not come as much of a shock, but it's still worth mentioning: According to new research by a recruiting firm, the ongoing real estate crisis is having a significant impact on physician recruitment. Not only are hospitals and clinics having to engage in their usual intense competition for physicians, they're also having to be concerned about whether doctors will be able to find somewhere to live, according to Delta Physician Placement. Researchers there say that providers frequently are contacting search firms because physician candidates can't relocate, having been unable to sell their homes where they currently live.

Given these additional stresses on recruitment, providers are having to make do with a single interview, and do everything they can to wow their favorite candidates, the search firm says. According to Delta research, only one out of six hospitals or clinics ask physicians to return for a second interview.

To get more data from Delta's research:
- read this Delta report (.pdf)

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