Trend: Hospitals going for consumer-friendly facilities

As FierceHealthcare readers know, hospitals have been doing some serious rethinking of how they present themselves to the public, increasingly offering nicer food service, Wi-Fi connectivity, kitchens and other comfort options. They're also beginning to pay a lot more attention to how the rooms look--and how well they suit a patient's personal needs.

In the past, it was nearly unheard of for a hospital to pay much attention to interior design principles. Of late, however, hospitals have begun to add more attractive furniture and paint the walls in soothing hues. The idea is to consider patients' experience, rather than simply designing a workspace that makes sense for physicians and hospital staff members.

Meanwhile, hospitals continue to add private rooms and build in features (such as cozy seating) that make it easy for family members to spend time with their loved ones. Hey, as hospitals ride the construction boom, it only makes sense for them to go with the times.

To find out more about this trend:
- read this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article

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