Trend: DC area sees growth in pediatric hospital programs

Washington, DC is home to one of the nation's most prestigious pediatric hospitals, the Children's National Medical Center. But that hasn't stopped community hospitals in the DC suburbs from building out pediatric programs of their own, with executives hoping to capture their piece of what is still a growing market. Participants include Inova Health System's Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children, which is based in Fairfax, VA; the pediatric center at Suburban Hospital (Bethesda, MD); and a pediatric emergency department and PICU at Shady Grove (MD) Adventist Hospital.

While hospital execs in the region concede that Children's is likely to get the more-complex cases, they contend that there's still a need for routine pediatric hospital care which is  closer to home for suburban dwellers. At Shady Grove Adventist, for example, its emergency department program is focusing on common ailments like asthma, diarrhea or seizures.

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