Toyota creates full-service on-site clinic

Joining a growing number of providers, auto maker Toyota Motor is building an on-site clinic for its workers. Toyota is spending $9 million to create the clinic, which is included in the design of a new facility in San Antonio, Texas. Right now Toyota spends about $11,000 per year on healthcare per U.S. plant worker. To shrink these expenses, the Toyota clinic will cover a broader array of services than many factory medical offices or employer clinics, including dental, vision and pediatric services, laboratory testing and physical therapy. Also, staff doctors at the clinic will not be reimbursed for how many patients they see, giving them more time to discover potentially expensive problems. The clinic will be run on contract by CHD Meridian Health Care. At the outset, the clinic will employ two doctors and one nurse, but planners expect the roster to grow to seven doctors over time.

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