Top women in pharma world; MI doctors protest tax;

> Who are the top 15 women in the pharma world? Our sister publication FiercePharma has the inside story. Slideshow

> Michigan doctors hit the state's capitol today to protest a proposed tax which would draw $300 million from the state's medical practices. Press release

> An Indiana home health agency has agreed to pay almost $2 million to settle allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by not getting physician approvals for certain services before submitting bills to Medicare. Press release

> While nobody loves swine flu, it certainly hasn't been painful for vaccine makers. With the threat of H1N1 growing, the U.S. has already spent $1.5 billion for 250 million doses of the vaccine, and will spend more on viral research, virus tracking and public education. FierceVaccines

And Finally... He's the king of blotto. The lord of liquor. The sultan of, uh, being drunk. So? The problem is that he drives, too. Article