Top five biomedical VC deals for first half of '09; Scientists overwhelmed with swine flu vaccine test subjects;

> Electronic medical records have a big enough job on their hands as it is. Now, a new study suggests that they're ill-equipped to serve another important function, genetic and genomic medicine. FierceEMR

> Here's a look at the top five biomedical venture capital deals of the first half of 2009, courtesy of sister publication FierceBiotech. List

> In an unusual turn of events, companies testing vaccines designed to curb swine flu have actually been overwhelmed with more than enough volunteer test subjects, more than 3,000 to date, scientists say. FierceVaccines

> A new FDA program designed to help speed up approvals of cancer drugs has done little to accomplish that goal, according to a new study from the National Cancer Institute. FierceBiotechResearch

And Finally... It seems that in this litigation-crazy world, being a hero just doesn't pay any more. Article