TN hospital sued for $5M over handling of child's corpse

As ugly as medical mistakes get, this may be even worse. A Tennessee couple is suing a local hospital for $5 million after being blocked from "saying goodbye" and viewing the remains of their 18-month-old son.

According to the lawsuit the child, who had been in the care of a babysitter, was taken to Southern Hills Medical Center after being found to be unconscious and unresponsive. Upon arrival, the child was pronounced dead.

Despite the fact that the attending physician noted a lack of visible trauma to the boy's body, the staff, medical examiner's office and police department insisted on questioning the parents, telling them they'd get to see the child after answering their questions.

However, the parents say that after the questioning was ended, they still weren't allowed to see their son's body, which they were told had been taken to the offices of the medical examiner. The medical examiner's office wouldn't allow them to see the boy's body either, the couple alleges. Besides, the body had been at the hospital for the entire time they were there, the complaint says.

Ultimately, the parents didn't get to see their son for about six days, when his remains had been embalmed and he arrived at the funeral home, the complaint says.

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