TIME's 10 world-changing ideas and healthcare

Recently, TIME magazine (is it still an actual magazine?) came out with the 10 big ideas that are changing the world today. As I read through this mostly fantastic (and maybe fantastical-sounding?) list, I couldn't help but think about the impact on health care for six of those big ideas.

1. Jobs are the new assets (#1)
As the recession continues and portfolios/house values plummet, people are re-prioritizing how important their job really is. As such, lots of folks are taking the opportunity to find the career that best fits their personality and passion.

Impact on Healthcare: Most folks that work in hospitals are there because of some inherent desire or passion to help people. When I worked at HFMA, I was blown away at how many hospital CFOs I talked to who were in healthcare truly because of that desire. And usually, it was tied to some family experience (good or bad) in hospitals. I think this is a net positive as the talent pool for health care roles will continue to grow.

2. Recycle the Suburbs (#2) and Survival Stores (#9)
The suburbs are dead. It's time to reinvent them, and in some communities, big empty buildings are turning into re-purposed community centers, libraries, etc.

The retail store will be completely re-imagined, providing a one-stop shopping "experience" for survival products as well as peace-of-mind services.