Thank you to the 80,000 FierceHealthcare subscribers!

Karen Cheung

 Karen M. Cheung

I'm pleased to announce that FierceHealthcare reached a great milestone this week. More than 80,000 of you now subscribe to our FierceHealthcare newsletter every day.

When we first started out, we had only one editor but now have 10 journalists on the FierceHealthcare team. I'm honored to be part of the crew and couldn't be more proud of our growth.

Why is hitting 80,000 readers important? It affirms that you like us, that you really, really like us! We don't take hitting a milestone like this lightly; we are very thankful to our readers.

We know it's been a turbulent couple of years under health reform, with the industry biting its nails about what could happen with a Supreme Court decision. We've heard from the field that you're still struggling with physician engagement, employment issues and, of course, care quality, and that you're worried about reimbursement penalties, to boot, with hospital readmissions, patient satisfaction scores and patient outcomes hitting the hospital pocketbook.

We promise to continue to share the best practices from industry thought leaders with you--whether it's final rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the latest hospital mergers or ACO partnership or Lean management.

Thank you again to our Fierce readers.- Karen (@FierceHealth)