TeleTracking Unveils Enhanced Software for Hospital Real-Time Capacity Management™

New features improve hospital length of stay (LOS) management and provide tools to further increase transfer center volumes

PITTSBURGH, July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleTracking Technologies, developer of Real-time Capacity Management™ solutions to address hospital and healthcare system patient flow and overcrowding, asset management, and inter-hospital patient transfers has launched updated versions of its Capacity Management Suite, TransferCenter™ and Custom Reporting Solution applications.  These patient flow, transfer center and reporting enhancements include several new features to facilitate improvement in hospital length of stay (LOS) management and increased transfer center case volumes.  Highlights of the new releases include:

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TransferCenter™ Version 2.3

Improved Integration of the TransferCenter™ application with the Capacity Management Suite™ system

Improvements include the ability to create an inactive bed request from the TransferCenter™ application to accommodate direct admit patients that will be presenting at a future date / time.   In addition, the Capacity Management Suite™ system automatically populates the transfer center case to enhance reporting of transfer case volumes.

Denial Reporting

The application now provides detailed information to analyze denials.  Understanding the reason for the denial, the denying physician, etc. will help hospitals improve their overall transfer center business.

Capacity Management Suite™ Version 2.4: 

Length of Stay (LOS) Management

TeleTracking's PatientTracking Portal and PreAdmitTracking® applications now display each patient's current length of stay (in days).  This information can be utilized by Case Management and nursing to facilitate and expedite patient discharges.   Exception reporting allows caregivers to focus on those patients who might be exceeding typical length of stay expectations.

Patient Transport Request Enhancement

Placement staff can now create and review transport requests directly from within the PreAdmitTracking® console without the additional step of navigating into the TransportTracking™ application.

Custom Reporting Solution™ Version 2.0 and Patient Flow Dashboard™ Version 2.0

TransferCenter™ Dashboard and Reporting

The TeleTracking TransferCenter™ Dashboard has been developed as an easy-to-read view of transfer activity, physician communication metrics and case volumes.  This appears side-by-side with all other operational activity in the Patient Flow Dashboard™ and provides hospital administrators a real-time glimpse into their transfer activity.  The Custom Reporting Solution™ now allows better insight into overall transfer volume, and a Communication Details Model helps users boost physician relations in the transfer process.  These enhancements are designed to increase referral volume, measure referral patterns, and better coordinate referring and admitting physicians. 

"Real-Time Capacity Management continues to evolve as a powerful hospital operational platform for hospitals, and TeleTracking is at the forefront of these solutions," said Michael Gallup, Senior Vice President of TeleTracking.  "Real-Time Capacity Management platforms like TeleTracking yield an extraordinary amount of actionable decision-making information, and the latest versions of our applications continue to advance visibility, accountability and communication for hospital and health system administrators.  From managing patient movement and expediting discharges to control length of stay, to understanding staffing needs and taking advantage of new market opportunities, TeleTracking continues to provide our client hospitals the tools they need to efficiently operate their facilities by maximizing their ability to handle increased capacity while protecting the bottom line."

Clients who wish to review a complete list of new features in these releases, or who wish to upgrade to these versions should contact TeleTracking Technologies Technical Support at 1-877-570-6903 to request the upgrade package.

Media interviews and client reference requests should be directed to Dennis Morabito, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at [email protected].

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