TabSafe Medical Services, Inc. Receives 2011 Design and Innovation Award from Consumer Electronics Showcase

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- TabSafe Medical Services, Inc. today announced its selection as a recipient of the 2011 CES Awards Showcase for Design and Innovation in the Health & Wellness Category.

“The award is a validation for us that this is a design and innovation that has general appeal beyond the medical community and into the consumer market. It’s a simple tabletop device people are beginning to recognize that can play a part in more people’s lives and in their homes. We see it as having the ability to become the focal point for all health and wellness in the home,” says Dr. Stephen Axelrod, TabSafe’s CEO.

TabSafe was created to address the growing need for medication compliance. Dr. Axelrod, who spent decades working in emergency rooms, hospitals and senior living facilities, says one in ten people admitted to hospitals end up there because they haven’t taken their medication correctly.

"Medication noncompliance is a huge, dangerous, and wasteful problem. In the U.S., more than 50% of all prescription medication is taken incorrectly, causing 125,000 deaths each year. Among the elderly, the incorrect taking of medication accounts for 40% of all hospital admissions. Over 23% of all new resident admissions to assisted living and skilled nursing facilities are a direct result of not being able to take medication properly," Dr. Axelrod says.

TabSafe devices have successfully dropped more than ten million pills over the last six years in assisted living centers. Since the company’s launch of its new in-home system earlier this year, TabSafe has not only been able to assist the elderly, but has been able to expand its reach to those battling long-term ailments that require multiple medications (i.e., cancer patients, transplant recipients, HIV patients, etc…).

Created by James Chiavetta, a technology expert who has led teams that designed products for the U.S. military and medical devices, the device has a number of failsafes in place to make certain users are able to get their medication exactly when they need it.

Some of the advancements the device is equipped with include:

  • The device dispenses all the medication you need to take at the times you need to take it triggering an alarm to alert you to take your pills.
  • The device makes emergency phone calls if the medication is not taken on time and has three default numbers (patient, caregiver, and doctor) to alert someone if medication isn’t taken on time.
  • Data transfers from a phone line to the Internet so family and medical personnel have access to a patient’s activities through a regularly updated website. Here, caregivers can check on prescriptions, refill prescriptions, and view all the reports about the patient for that day.
  • It is the only system available that can monitor and distribute “as needed” medication like pain pills, reducing the chance of overdose.
  • Monitors vital signs like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, weight, and room temperature.
  • Caregiver can check the reports on their phone if they happen to be in a place without their laptop.
  • Easily filled by caregiver and the only system that can be filled on month-to-month basis.

TabSafe will again be front and center in the Digital Health and Wellness Section of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January and demonstrating the TabSafe Medication Management System at the Silver Summit pavilion in the North Hall.


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