Survey: Medical practice office managers important for drug rep access policy

While doctors certainly have an impact on policy regarding visits by drug reps to their medical practice, office managers have just as much influence as the lead physician in the practice. That's the conclusion drawn by a new survey from SK&A Information Services, a healthcare information researcher.

The study found that of medical practices that allow visits, 48 percent said the office manager sets the policy, edging out lead physicians at 47 percent. (Another 5 percent, presumably with large practice, said their group headquarters sets the standards.)

What's more, almost all (97 percent) said their policy has been in place for two or more years, suggesting that their minds are pretty made up as to handle such visits.

Another interesting stat arising from the study: The share of doctors who welcome visits from reps has remained fairly stable over the past six months, growing slightly from 76.4 percent in December 2008 to 77.3 percent in June of this year.

To learn more about this survey:
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