Support outweighs money in attracting physician leaders

Healthcare organizations trying to recruit physician leaders will have to offer more than top dollar to attract top talent, a healthcare consultant writes in Hospitals & Health Networks Daily.

Physician leaders want to know they're entering an environment where they can succeed, writes Linda J. Komnick, M.H.A., a healthcare consultant for the executive search firm Witt/Kieffer. That's best achieved by establishing clearly defined roles, authority and expectations for physician executive positions, she notes, along with mechanisms for supporting their efforts and furthering their career development.

Career development is important for a variety of clinical leadership roles: It's cheaper to develop and retain leaders in-house than to hire and train new managers, a survey released earlier this month found.

Hospitals that don't groom internal leaders spend four times more to replace and train executives than hospitals emphasizing leadership development, concluded the 2012 Healthcare Management Survey, conducted by Talent Management Consulting.

Hospitals view talent recruitment and development as a high priority, according to a survey announcement from Pepperdine University, but don't necessarily practice what they preach.

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