SuccessEHS Announces Mobile EHR for the iPhone

SuccessEHS Mobile EHR features Dictation, Schedule for Today, Patient Summary and much more for the iPhone

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- SuccessEHS, a Birmingham-based company specializing in electronic health record (EHR / EMR) and physician practice management software systems, is pleased to announce the launch of Mobile EHR for the iPhone.

"Mobile EHR for the iPhone gives physicians secure access to critical data they need to have greater freedom to decide when and where they complete their documentation," said Tina Graham, SuccessEHS COO.

The SuccessEHS Mobile EHR is a convenient and portable way for physicians to review summary patient data and dictate into SuccessEHS EHR. Using the iPhone, physicians have secure access to three patient lists (scheduled appointments, checked in patients and pending documentation) which can be manually or automatically synchronized based on the physician's preference.  The at-a-glance encounter patient summary includes documented ICD-9 and CPT codes, vital signs, medications and allergies – information the physician needs in order to accurately dictate a progress note for each encounter.  Dictations are delivered to SuccessEHS software in a HIPAA compliant manner, where Nuance's SpeechMagic engine delivers seamlessly integrated speech recognition capability.


Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, SuccessEHS has become a nationally-recognized vendor providing a single solution Practice Management and Electronic Health Record. The company boasts an experienced, hands-on management team with an average tenure of more than 12 years. SuccessEHS has built its reputation on the importance of developing personal relationships with its customers, leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of its 200+ team members to ensure its customers' success.  This customer-centered corporate culture is infused deeply within each member the SuccessEHS team.  

SuccessEHS was founded in 1995, at a time when medical practices relied on manual, paper-intensive methods of charting, coding and billing for their services. SuccessEHS quickly established itself as a leader in the emerging practice management applications market by delivering an innovative product:  clinical, operational and financial software paired with a suite of specialized implementation and integrated success services.  SuccessEHS, entirely in-house developed and supported, has achieved multiple certifications from CCHIT, earning a 5-star usability rating. SuccessEHS has personalized its relationship with more than 500 select customers, 5,000 providers and 15,000 users in the continental U.S. and the Virgin Islands.  

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