Study to examine link between nurse staffing ratios and patient care; Hospitals that use single-use sharps containers have lower C.diff infection rates;

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> A University of Southampton study will investigate how nurse staffing in hospitals affects the care and safety of patients. Announcement

> AIJC has published a study that shows a statistically significant association between the use of single-use sharps containers and lower Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection rates in acute care hospitals. Study abstract

> The House voted Wednesday to cut workplace protections for Department of Veterans Affairs employees and extend their probationary period, making it easier to fire new staffers, The Washington Post reports. Article

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> Putting too much trust in technical controls could be a big mistake in a provider organization's security strategy, according to Jeffrey Wilson, director of information services in assurance and IT security at Albany Medical Center. Article

> Although the opportunity for innovation in the healthcare technology space is unlimited, the money for new projects and ventures often is not, particularly for hospitals and health systems. Article

And finally… Here kitty, kitty. Article