Study: Retail clinics at about 1,000 in U.S.

A new study of U.S. retail clinics has found that there are about 1,000 in operation in the U.S. at present. The study, by Verispan, listed a total of 921 clinics currently open today. According to Verispan research, the clinics are operating in 36 states. The fastest growing player in the sector is Minute Clinics, which are operated by CVS Caremark. There are currently more than 390 Minute Clinic locations. CVS is followed by Take Care Clinics, which are currently operating in 136 Walgreens stores, The Little Clinic, with 40 locations in five states, and Redi Clinic, with 33 locations in various Wal-Mart and H-E-B retail settings. Of the top 10, to our knowledge only Aurora Quickcare (22) is run by a health system, so it appears that independent clinic operators are well in the lead.

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