Study: Patients want more info on healthcare buying

While patients may try to make smart healthcare buying decisions, most feel they don't have enough information to do so, according to new research from market research firm Harris Interactive. The study reached out to 3,000 patients and 600 physicians and found more than half of patients in high-deductible or consumer-driven health plans were dissatisfied with quality information on prescription drugs, specialist physicians and primary care doctors, as well as the existing cost data.

Despite their frustrations with available data, 68 percent are making some healthcare purchasing changes. For example, consumers in CDHPs were more likely to use primary care physicians than specialists for advice, and often substitute generics for brand-name drugs.

Physicians, for their part, were rather skeptical about the results that could arise from consumer-driven care, with 58 percent of respondents saying they think it will lead to a drop in use of necessary healthcare services.

To find out more about the study:
- read this United Press International article

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