Stress reduction can improve nurse performance; SC aims to reduce C-sections;

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> Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques may help nurses deal with stress and improve patient outcomes, according to a study published in the International Journal of Nursing Knowledge. Study abstract

> New birth outcome initiatives in South Carolina aim to curb C-sections, according to the Charleston Post and Courier. Article

> Maryland officials estimate the state spent at least $30.5 million unnecessarily on Medicaid and they don't know how to implement a working health insurance exchange, the Washington Post reports. Article

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> Jackson Memorial Hospital is on the losing side of a plan intended to make Medicaid funding more equitable among the hospitals in the Sunshine State. Article

> The cost of repealing and replacing the troubled sustainable growth rate formula with a new payment formula for physician Medicare payments will cost $138 billion over the next decade if lawmakers adopt the Senate Finance Committee plan, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Article

And Finally… I blame the GPS. Article