Strategic infrastructure, alignment tops leaders' challenges

Whether it's about strategy and operations, clinical quality, or physician enterprise, the two issues of infrastructure and physician alignment often plague the minds of healthcare executives as their top challenges, according to a new HealthLeaders Media Council survey.

In a July survey of 230 healthcare executives, including senior, clinical, operations, financial, marketing, and information leaders, researchers found that half (50 percent) of respondents cited building and maintaining infrastructure, including IT, as the most difficult to manage in strategic operations. Execs also cited increasing affiliation and alignment activities (49 percent) as a problem.

Similarly, regarding clinical quality, 49 percent of respondents said physician alignment with quality goals was the most difficult to manage. They also said building IT and decision-support infrastructure (42 percent) as the second most difficult challenge to manage in clinical quality initiatives.

Regarding physician enterprise challenges, more than half (56 percent) of healthcare executives said improving clinical integration between hospitals and physicians was the most difficult to manage, followed by improving performance associated with physician practices (45 percent).

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