States question how to expand Medicaid, Mayo Clinic opens center for business leaders;

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> For the 26 states expected to expand Medicaid, questions remain on how to proceed and whether to explore alternative expansion programs, MedPage Today reports. Article

> Mayo Clinic opened the W. Hall Wendel Jr. Center for Executive Health in Rochchester, Minn.--a program designed for time-pressed business leaders, Mayo announced last week. The center is designed to attract patients who want all medical tests completed within a day or two. Announcement

>  Health insurers cancelled thousands of customers' plans due to the healthcare reform law, leaving customers frustrated and stuck with more costly policies, Kaiser Health News reports. Article

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> Cigna CEO David Cordani hopes the healthcare reform law will continue to evolve over time to become more sustainable at lowering costs and improving quality, Article

> New issues keep creeping up that prevent consumers from accessing the online marketplaces, despite efforts by the Obama administration to fix the technical problems associated with the federal health insurance exchanges. Article

And Finally... Farewell, Zombie car. Article