St John’s Health System: Innovation in Outpatient Care Delivery

Donn Sorensen, a speaker at the marcus evans Outpatient CXO Summit 2010, shares his strategies for meeting healthcare demands through innovating the delivery of care.


Outpatient CXO Summit 2010
Las Vegas, October 24-26

Interview with: Donn Sorensen, Executive Vice President, St John’s Health System

“We need to innovate around the delivery of care, and invest in new models which will allow us to take care of patients with fewer resources,” states Donn Sorensen, Executive Vice President at St John’s Health System. As the demand for healthcare services increases, cost-cutting and recruiting will not be enough to meet requirements. A speaker at the marcus evans Outpatient CXO Summit 2010 taking place in Las Vegas, October 24-26, Sorensen discusses strategies for innovating the delivery of care, enhancing revenue and increasing operational efficiencies.

How are you dealing with declining reimbursement for services?

Donn Sorensen: “The real future of our financial success is innovation around the delivery of healthcare, such as medical homes. Those in my opinion, represent the greatest opportunity to be financially successful.

We need to innovate around the delivery of care, and invest in new models which will allow us to take care of patients with fewer resources. As more and more Americans need to access healthcare and as more of us suffer from chronic diseases, we cannot cost-cut or recruit our way out of this. We need to invest in ourselves, and spend time thinking and innovating on how we can answer this call.”

How can outpatient services become more efficient?

Donn Sorensen: “Productivity and efficiency are hypercritical. Revenues are flat at best and going down at worst. It is very important that we all practice high levels of business acumen, have tight revenue cycle management systems in place, and build deeper and greater efficiencies. We have all been doing this for many years now, therefore there are fewer opportunities for cost cutting. Outpatient Service CEOs need to be vigilant, leverage innovative technologies and infrastructures, and integrate as much standardization and centralization as possible.”

How will the Health Care Reform Bill impact organizations such as yours?

Donn Sorensen: “There is an element in the Bill which will incentivize our industry to keep patients healthy, reduce costs, improve quality, increase investments, raise infrastructure and technology, and find an incentive for value versus volume. We fully support this. This will ultimately drive down costs nationally, and improve quality. Thus, we need to focus on forming well-run top-flight multi-specialty group practices which are integrated or partnered with hospitals that are aligned together, to hit quality goals and efficiencies for cost reduction.

At the moment, CEOs are paid for volume, not quality, and you can see this in the results we achieve. From 2012, we will start getting paid for quality and efficiency, which will help us deliver better results.”


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