Specialized Treatment Program Reduces Symptoms and Complications of Type II Diabetes

Four-week program produces significant reduction in dosages of diabetic medication for participants

DURHAM, N.C. (September 8, 2008) — Undergoing a specialized treatment program helps people with Type II diabetes improve diabetic control and can significantly reduce their risk of complications, according to a recent study conducted at Structure House, a residential weight loss facility in Durham, N.C. Remarkably, the significant health improvements observed occurred with accompanying reductions in the number and dosages of diabetic medications.

"Diabetes affects nearly every part of the body, therefore proper treatment and management of the disease are necessary to ensure overall health and reduce the risk of complications," said Anna Stout, lead researcher and clinical psychologist for Structure House. "This research proves the Structure House multi-disciplinary approach helps individuals effectively manage their diabetes and their weight, without surgery or additional medication."

The study included 70 men and women who completed a four-week diabetes program at Structure House. Results show that the average person reduced their blood glucose level by more than 25 points, going from 146.6 down to 121, as well as their hemoglobin A1c levels, which dropped from an average 7.5 down to 6.9. The average person lost nearly 16 pounds and reduced his or her body mass index (BMI) by two and a half points, down from 44.7 to 42.2, in just four weeks.

Individuals who participated in the study also enjoyed significant reductions in the number and dosages of diabetic medications. Of the study group, 41% eliminated at least one medication, and 8% discontinued all diabetic medications by the end of four weeks. In addition, 29% of the individuals decreased the dosage of at least one medication, and the average dosage reduction was 50%. Of the 21 participants receiving insulin treatments at the start of the program, 48% were able to significantly reduce their dosage while another 19% completely discontinued use of the drug during the four-week period.

Participants in the four-week diabetes program attend a variety of specialized classes that focus on nutrition, exercise and therapy, which focuses on the impact of stress and emotion of diabetes and offers strategies to overcome these factors and improve diabetic control. Additionally, participants attend weekly educational sessions, where a nurse addresses health issues associated with diabetes, and a weekly appointment with an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes management.

Structure House's four-week diabetes program is the only program of its kind offered in the United States. In addition to the core weight loss program, Structure House also offers a specialized post-bariatric surgery program, designed specifically for individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery and are now struggling with weight regain and other issues surrounding continuing difficulties with weight control.


About Structure House
Structure House®, a residential weight loss facility in Durham, N.C., offers a unique, behavioral approach to weight loss and healthy lifestyle change. The facility, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in March 2007, integrates principles of nutrition and exercise with psychology in a treatment approach designed to transform the eating habits and lifestyles of overweight individuals. Since 1977, Structure House has helped more than 30,000 people from all 50 states and 35 nations battling obesity. The name Structure House underscores the critical role structure plays in achieving long-term weight loss.

Gerard J. Musante, Ph.D., one of the nation's leading experts on obesity and weight loss, is the founder and director of Structure House. A renowned clinical psychologist, Dr. Musante was the first person to adapt the principles of behavior modification to the eating habits of significantly overweight people and food abusers. Dr. Musante is the author of The Structure House Weight Loss Plan. For more information, visit www.structurehouse.com.