'Smart' knife helps surgeons detect cancer; Exchange simulation shows price trumps provider network;

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> A new "smart" knife can help surgeons make sure they've removed all cancerous tissue by analyzing the smoke produced during cancer surgery and instantly signaling whether the tissue is cancerous or healthy, the Associated Press reported. Article

>After conducting a two-decade comparison of estimated dementia rates across three geographic areas in the United Kingdom for more than 7,600 individuals aged 65 years and older, research published in The Lancet found the actual prevalence of dementia was 24 percent lower than expected in the later-born group. Abstract

> The longer young adults experience overall and abdominal obesity the greater their risk of developing coronary disease, according to new study published in the Journal of American Medical Association. Abstract

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> Insurers have created simulated exchanges that allow consumers to test drive the experience of shopping for health coverage in an online marketplace. Simulations are demonstrating that consumers would rather save money than have a larger network of doctors and hospitals. Article

> Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi is breaking ties Health Management Associates, which owns 10 hospitals throughout the state, effective at the end of August. By ending the contracts, Blue Cross will pay the hospitals lower out-of-network rates. Article

And Finally…  Big Mac no-no. Article