Six years in, Affordable Care Act appears likely to go the distance

Guest post by Kent Bottles, M.D, a lecturer at the Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health.

Last month I was so busy doing my income taxes and preparing MACRA presentations for conferences in Maine, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, I forgot to pause and reflect on the Affordable Care Act turning 6 years old on March 23.

What is the current state of the ACA? Will the next president repeal or replace the ACA? Is it a success or failure?

Each of the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination vow to repeal the most important healthcare law since Medicare was passed in 1965. Hillary Clinton says she will make changes to the ACA, and Bernie Sanders proclaims that he will replace the ACA with universal coverage. Before we predict which scenario we can expect in 2017, perhaps we should take stock of the current state of the ACA.

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