Shriners Hospitals in Galveston Using ditto™ lite - Innovative Multi-Cultural Tool for Children

Clinically proven device reduces anxiety, lowers treatment time and improves patient outcomes

NEW YORK, April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Diversionary Therapy Technologies' (DTT) groundbreaking ditto™ lite device is now being used for patients at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Galveston, Texas. The device uses pre-procedural preparation and diversionary therapy to reduce anxiety in children prior to and during otherwise stressful or painful procedures.

"The ditto™ lite has been a tremendous tool for our Child Life department these last few months. Because all of the Hospital Procedural Preparation stories we use come in Spanish as well as English, we can provide better procedural and surgical preparation and understanding across the language barrier," noted Heather Domenick, Certified Child Life Specialist. She also added, "I think it's a great asset for any CLS (Child Life Specialist) working in a burn center because it can be utilized just about anywhere, is easily cleaned to meet infection control standards, and it meets the need for distraction, developmental stimulation, and education!"

Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Galveston provides acute, reconstructive and rehabilitative care for children with burns and other skin conditions. Their world-class physicians and researchers are committed to continuously provide advanced burn care and treatment to children from all over the world.  DTT's ditto™ device incorporates the latest research that using distraction and educational techniques simultaneously lowers stress and anxiety prior to or during a procedure. This advancement draws upon augmented reality, a multi-modal sensory-based distraction medium that combines technology and therapy. Using an interactive touch screen and an automatic response to physical movement, the ditto™ engages patients, effectively averting their attention from a possibly negative experience.

The ditto™ lite looks a lot like a traditional video game console and includes a variety of interactive games, stories and procedural preparation tools, available in English and Spanish.  The handheld device is portable and easy-to-operate for children of all ages. Unlike commercial video game devices, ditto™ is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, lower treatment times, and improve patient outcomes.

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, child life specialists, and animation teams developed DTT's content over the course of six years. There are now 8 independent clinical trials that have been published regarding the efficacy of the ditto device. New procedures, games and stories are continuously being added to the range of programs available. Further information is available at

About Diversionary Therapy Technologies
Diversionary Therapy Technologies is a global company headquartered in Australia that developed the ditto™ portable device.  DTT worked with The Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane, to create the handheld, waterproof device that is used prior to and during painful medical procedures to reduce children's anxiety. Learn more about their expanded product line and research at

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