ShiftWise Introduces Free Healthcare Credential Management System

ShiftWise VeriStaff™ Ensures 100% Healthcare Facility Credential Compliance

PORTLAND, Ore., May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ShiftWise, the country's leading supplier of online healthcare staff management services, today announced ShiftWise VeriStaff™, a free service that allows hospitals and other healthcare providers of all sizes to easily track their staff's credentialing compliance. ShiftWise VeriStaff™ lowers the cost of JCAHO compliance and minimizes legal exposure due to out-of-date or inadequate staff credentials.

ShiftWise VeriStaff™ is employed facility-wide, ensuring credential compliance for a healthcare provider's full-time internal and contingent staff. This system provides management with advance email and text notifications of credentials that are about to expire allowing ample time for renewal of all required credentials. The system can also track required periodic training, immunizations, equipment certifications, drug testing, or other staff requirements.

Until now, credential management has largely been a paper process, requiring awareness of documents in many departments, or held personally by the staff member. ShiftWise VeriStaff™ allows replacement of paper copies of staff credentials with an online credential management, storage, and review system. ShiftWise VeriStaff™ automatically tracks each document and guarantees that a healthcare facility's professional staff stays compliant with credential checks and system alerts that track documents, licenses, test, immunizations and other crucial internal policies.

"Because all of our required documents are in a single online location, ShiftWise VeriStaff™ has saved us lots of time. We no longer have to go searching through old files to locate paperwork," said Nika Federoff, RN, MSN, Project Manager, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center. "ShiftWise VeriStaff™ also ensures that we will comply with the Joint Commission's credential requirements, which gives us a lot of peace of mind."

"Credential compliance management has been one of our customer's biggest headaches," said Steve Schwartz, ShiftWise CEO. "ShiftWise has led the vendor management sector since 2003 and we're pleased that we can extend our time-tested credentials management solution to our healthcare customers' entire clinical workforce."

ShiftWise VeriStaff™ is available immediately to ShiftWise Vendor Management and Internal Resource Pool customers, and as a free stand-alone application to new customers.

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