Seniors value convenient hospital parking

Ease of hospital parking is a major factor in patient satisfaction among people older than 65, according to a new survey from ParkingBoxx. The survey found that 97 percent of respondents had a negative impression of a parking area with rusted or run-down equipment, and parking was ranked as the number two factor in a first impression of a facility, with only the facility lobby scoring higher. Respondents also emphasized the need for easy-to-use payment kiosks in parking areas, with more than 8 in 10 respondents preferring a graphic indicating a hand to show where to pay. "Discovering that seniors believe the patient experience extends into the parking lot is a valuable insight," Renee Cleary, chief technology officer of Parking BOXX, said in a statement. "Administrators constantly seek out unknowns in the patient satisfaction paradigm. This study uncovers an important influencer in that regard, namely parking, and offers insights into successfully meeting patient expectations in that area." Survey results (registration required)