PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. - Jan. 26, 2010 - SDI announced today the release of the 2010 SDI IHN 100, the 13th edition of its annual assessment of the 100 most integrated healthcare networks (IHNs). SDI's report, regarded as the nation's premier rating system, evaluates IHNs on their performance and degree of integration.

With a score of 91.21 out of a possible 100 points, Sentara Healthcare (Norfolk, VA) regained its No. 1 status this year after an 8-year absence from the top spot. Sentara is the only IHN to rank in the top 10 of the SDI IHN 100 for all 13 years.

St. John's Mercy Health Care (St. Louis, MO), a newcomer to the top 10, was ranked No. 2 with a score of 90.71. St. John's Health System (Springfield, MO), last year's No. 1, slipped to third with a score of 90.0.

Compared to 2008, many IHNs lost points in the financial stability category, experiencing both lower revenue and greater liabilities. However, some of this loss was offset by improvements in the performance and average scores of IHNs in two categories: hospital utilization, and services and access.

About the IHN 100

The 2010 edition identifies the top 100 IHNs in the current universe of 593 non-specialty, local and regional networks in the United States that meet critical success factors. In addition to the top 100 IHNs, SDI publishes the Best of the Rest, a regional ranking of IHNs that did well but could not break into the top 100.

The ratings are based on SDI's IHN Rating System, which evaluates each network's ability to operate as a unified organization in eight categories: integration, integrated technology, contractual capabilities, outpatient utilization, financial stability, services and access, hospital utilization, and physicians. 

The IHN Rating System uses data from the following SDI products:

SDI Integrated Healthcare Network Profiling Solution

SDI Hospital Market Profiling Solution

SDI Medical Group Practice Profiling Solution

SDI Diagnostic Imaging Center/Chain Profiling Solution

SDI Freestanding Outpatient Surgery Center/Chain Profiling Solution

SDI Home Health Agency/Chain Profiling Solution

SDI Healthcare Market Index

SDI's annual IHN survey, initiated in 1997, is another primary source for the ratings. The survey allows SDI to use a standard methodology for collecting data and rating IHNs. Traditional primary and secondary research completes the data profiles of non-responders.

The SDI IHN Benchmark Report allows any IHN, regardless of whether or not it was rated in the SDI IHN 100, to compare its scores in 33 data elements to those of selected competitors as well as to the average scores of all IHNs broken out by the top 10, top 100, and the remaining rated systems. This report includes color charts and subjective commentary for each of the eight rating categories.

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About SDI

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