Scrushy hit with $2.6B suit by HealthSouth

I suppose one might feel sorry for Dick Scrushy at this point. After all his legal trials and tribulations, and ending up in jail, the HealthSouth founder has been hit with the whopper of all civil suits by his former company. (On the other hand, if he did what he's accused of, maybe not.)

HealthSouth Corp. shareholders are suing Scrushy for $2.6 billion for his alleged role in a massive fraud that nearly capsized the once prosperous rehab player.  The suit asks Scrushy to repay salary, bonuses and stock deals taken in during the years the fraud was being perpetrated, as well as items like hundreds of personal plane flights and even breast implants for a female singer he was promoting as a sideline.

The suit may end up being largely symbolic, however, as documents suggest he doesn't have the money, and what's more, is unlikely to earn any, as he's already in prison on a state bribery conviction.

To learn more about the suit:
- read this piece in The Tennessean

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