Scantek Medical Receives Orders for the Sale of BreastCare(TM)

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J., May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Scantek Medical, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SKML, "Scantek") announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Scantek Medical do Brasil LTDA has entered into two contracts to sell an aggregate of 70,000 units of its BreastCare(TM)/BreastAlert(TM) Differential Temperature Sensor product ("BreastCare") to two companies in Brazil. One contract is for the sale of 35,000 units of BreastCare to Empresa Sociedade Mercantile Centro Norte LTDA, which is to be paid 90 days after shipment of the units of BreastCare. The second contract is for the sale of 35,000 units of BreastCare to Empresa Bioparts do Brasil Suprimentos Cirurgicos e Hospitalares LTDA-ME, which is to be paid in two installments; one installment equal to 20% of the purchase price to be paid upon shipment of the units of BreastCare, and the balance to be paid 180 days after shipment of the units of BreastCare. Scantek anticipates shipping in the month of May.

BreastCare is a safe, non-invasive, low-cost, single-use medical device which detects tissue heat differentials between the breasts. The pads are placed inside of a woman's bra for 15 minutes, after which the device registers a digital reading of the heat conducted from within the breast tissue. BreastCare has received marketing clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration to be used by physicians as an adjunct to clinical breast examination, mammography and other established modalities for the detection of breast disease. In clinical studies in the United States (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - NY, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - Houston, Guttman Institute - NY, Georgetown University, and Brotman - UCLA), in Brazil, and at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, BreastCare has been clinically proven capable of recognizing metabolic activity (angiogenesis) by recording the heat differentiation of corresponding areas of the breast, and has identified tumors as small as 5 mm in diameter.

Scantek believes that no other product on the market is able to accurately detect significant temperature differentials, which are an indication of the possibility of breast cancer, while still being inexpensive and easy to use. Those attributes make BreastCare ideal for public health systems in developing countries, where a substantial percentage of the adult female population does not have easy access to mammograms. BreastCare creates a medically and economically viable way to screen large numbers of women in poor or rural areas for breast cancer.

About Scantek Medical

Scantek Medical, Inc. developed, produces, and distributes the BreastCare(TM)/ BreastAlert(TM) Differential Temperature Sensor product. Scantek is also developing medical devices which use this temperature differential technology to screen for other medical conditions, including prostate problems and susceptibility to stroke. Scantek's manufacturing facility and corporate offices are located in Ledgewood, New Jersey, and it has subsidiaries in Brazil and Hungary.

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