Scabies outbreak at hospital; NLRB decision means nurses will vote again on whether union should be decertified;

> Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital in West Virginia checked all employees that work in the med/surgical unit that specializes in the care of elderly patients after a scabies outbreak, the Sunday Gazette reports. Eighteen employees had the skin infection. Another 12 and one patient displayed suspicious rashes. Article

> Prime Healthcare Services told employees at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego to expect "significant staff reductions," but didn't say how many would be laid off, reports. Article

> Moving patients to private ICU rooms can cut the number of certain infections by half, HealthDay News reports. Article

> The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has posted a resource list to help hospitals improve patient safety. Resources

> The National Labor Relations Board agreed with its regional office that hospital management at Lee's Summit (Mo.) Medical Center unduly influenced the results of the last union election, the Kansas City Star reports. Nurses had voted 68 to 59 to decertify the union. Some 15 months after that earlier contested election, nurses will be able to vote again on the same issue. Article

And Finally... Don't try this, even if someone triple-dog dares you. Article